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So ive done some reaching out to this longboarding group that i found on facebook but the skaters havent boarded since 2010...they are all much older and do not really skate n e more which makes me sad...i was wondering if there are any longboarders in Georgia...i dont have many friends who longboard and those that do arent as committed so when im with them they kinda kill my mood haha i want to be with some ppls who really enjoy longboarding so that we can push eachother to be if u are in Georgia please let me know i would love to meet and learn some skills frm you and share this experience with you!!!
join usa longboarding the Facebook group
I've found that I was able to get my friends into longboarding/skateboarding. It makes the learning process easier for them and in the end you get someone to skate with!
I know the feeling. There were a group on Facebook but the don't use it after the person in charge of the page left town
@pangzoo10 I got two friends and long boarding but they're not as passionate about it as me either@nsbdude
I'm gonna be doing a lot of traveling this year, and I always take a board! I'll let you Vinglers know when I'm around the country! And y'all hit me up if you're ever in Missouri!
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