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Fast Start Alcohol Pop Can Stove 1:
I feel ya on the reluctance to try it out, I wonder how long you can burn one before it either melts or hits its flash point. lol Poof, no more dinner. Im going to try this out in my BBQ pit first (for safy reasons) and see what the limitations are. @happyrock
Huh! pretty cool. I'm not sure I'd want to try it (I'm not sure I understand the physics of how this might work well enough to give it a chance, too much risk of explosion if its not properly vented) but I think made well its a pretty cool stove, and a really fast blossom! BTW @BryanCrappell you might want to add this to camping, too :)
@BryanCrappell Good idea. I've seen a lot of tutorials for similar stoves before but there is always a lot of uncertain aspects. Let me know how it goes!