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2014 was a great year for music, but it seems like 2015 is already trying to top that. Forget all of the returning artists that have albums in the works - what about the new comers who are making some serious noise in the music industry? Here's a list of 5 artists you'll want to keep your eye on this year. 1. Ryn Weaver This Soundcloud sensation comes from my hometown of San Diego! She's already working with Passion Pit and Charlie XCX and will have an EP ready for your ears in early 2015. Check out her viral hit 'OctaHate!" 2. Raury Just out of high school and with a fresh Columbia Records deal in his hands, Raury is on the road to stardom, and he loves it. He's opened for Outkast and has been praised by Lorde, and all the while confidently assures us that he is "going to be one of the greatest lyricists out here." 3. Tink When her work caught the ears of super-producer Timbaland, Tink knew her hard work had finally paid off. The 19 year old already has a ton of demos, EPs, and mix tapes floating around online, but this year the Lauryn Hill-esque rapper will make her major label debut on Epic Records. 4. Shamir I've already posted about how groovy I think Shamir is in my 'Best Music Videos of 2014' post, so if you haven't given him a listen yet, here is your chance! 5. Bea Miller This 15 year old is ready to sing straight to your inner teenager with her Kelly Clarkson-esque pop-rock. She's already managed to open for Demi Lovato, get a Hollywood Records deal, and release a killer EP. She's ready to make 2015 her own!