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What would you do with a giant, empty church falling into disrepair? Well, someone thinks it is the perfect place for a skate park! The attached video comes from Arnhem Skate Hall, or, the Church of St. Joseph. It is one of hundreds of churches that are being closed due to lack of funds and dwindling membership that are causing a sad problem for many cities in Western Europe: What to do with these once-holy, now-empty buildings? I don't think these structures are necessarily affordable for the average home owner, but considering the architecture and history linked to these buildings, it sounds like a pretty amazing deal if you can write the check!
This is pretty awesome! I'm sure there are a lot of people that would be upset about how the space is being used, but who cares. They are making good use of a beautiful spot!
Maybe it'll soften people's correlation with skateboarding and eviiilllll mwuhaha!
Its better than taring it down.