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Color lovers here's a treat for you and your nails. Gold bold to fight the cold. Instructions: 1. Paint nails with a navy polish. Allow to dry completely. 2. Apply striping tape to create a "V" shape. 3. Using a hot pink polish, paint the "V" area. Remove the striping tape with tweezers while the pink polish is still wet. 4. Apply a top coat, and you're done!
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This is gorgeous! I tried to freehand a chevron pattern last month and I failed. It took me an hour to paint them and it just came out "ok" I have to use the striping tape trick!
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Whoever picked these colors has a real eye. I love these two shades together.
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I don't know what striping tape is, but I've heard of using good ole scotch tape
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@WinterJustice that also works! and it's much cheaper.
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which top costo do you use?
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