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Who says updos are not possible for short hair? You can look elegant with just a few twist and bobby pins! Ready to try it yourself? Scroll through the image or read instructions below. Preparation: Start with a little bit of natural texture to give your hairstyle some body. 1. Part your hair to one side in order to swoop it over into a twist later. 2. Lightly backcomb the underside of your hair all over to build up the volume even more. 3. Start your French twist by sweeping one side of your hair towards the back of head. Just before you reach the center, insert a bobby pin flat against your head, vertically, to hold the hair down. 4. Bring the hair from the other side over to meet your first bobby pin. As you smooth it over, but don't make it into a bun. Instead, try to maintain the length of the section as you mold it into a French twist. 5. Continue to twist and smooth then use one hand to hold the hair in place, as you insert bobby pins up the length of your twist. Start from the bottom to ensure you catch all of the shorter pieces that tend to slip out. 6. Keep adding bobby pins until your french twist is secure. Finally, gently smooth out any rough spots with a boar-bristle hairbrush. Photo: Justin Coit
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. I chopped my hair couple months ago and it's current a lob. I didn't think I can do anything with my hair. I'll give this a shot.
This just gave me more reason to love short hair.
@stargaze I'm considering to get my hair chop this summer and it pleasant to see there's so many styling option even for short hair! :)