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Breath of Death

Growing up with a father that smokes, I always wondered why? His effortless tries to quit were in fact dry Seeing a loved one hurting their own body, With every pull of toxins realesed is something in which thy can't embody I sat their dazed as a speck of ash slithered through still air onto my arm This little particle of ash symbolizing harm So delicate, and so fragile I touch the ash and its no longer their Gone from eyesight I yet still stare Breath after breath only means life But looking at my loved one tables have turned to strife This breath he's releasing is no longer life This breathe he's releasing is death With every cigarette only shortens his breath... Saddened for their should be a hault, I sit their yet still dazed hoping all those people who smoke, one day realize what's really at fault...
@KaitlynnJanae Agreed. That's what stuck out to me as well: you have to be living in health, too, to be really "alive" just like you need to be alive in heart, spirit, etc. On a side note, @AnwarKharoufeh, can I suggested adding in some more punctuation to some of the longer lines? For example, the first line. I felt like I was stumbling through it because there were so many words in it.
I really like how you expressed that breath and breathing doesn't always mean we are living. We don't typically think of breathing as Some thing that is killing us but in this case you're very right! It's a unique perspective.
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