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Not everyone is blessed with obedient hair. I'm always envious of my friend's silky hair. No matter what she does to it her hair is always well behaved. Everyone has those days where your hair isn't doing what you want. There's a secret why your hair isn't behaving and you're about to find the reason behind it. When I asked my friend how she manages her hair she said, "I don't use any styling products. I only air-dry my hair." When I heard that I quickly assume she didn't want to share her secret, so I test it out. For one week, I skipped using heat protect product and stop blow drying my hair. As a result, my hair seem to have more shine and feels less sticky. I only used coconut oil for the ends of the hair to combat dryness and split ends. Other than that I didn't use any products. I figured out the problem why my hair gets sticky and untamable. Heat protectant is like a primer to protect hair. A little amount will reduce friction, and create a screen to protect the hair up to 450 degrees. Now, most of us load up on heat protectant before they blow-dry, straighten, and curl. Unfortunately, over-applying and incorrectly applying can lead to heavy, sticky strands. Too much of good stuff is bad. For shoulder-length hair, a quarter-size amount is sufficient. For application, you should apply to the mid-lengths and ends of damp hair. Then brush it through your hair so it spreads evenly down the hair shaft. The mid-lengths and ends are the most prone to damage and require the most protection.
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I usually air dry my hair because I don't want to get split ends. Despite, not using heat I love using Living Proof's Prime Style Extender to keep my hair in good condition for 2 days. It works wonder!