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"A real problem that exists between the police and City Hall." These are the words of Edward D. Mullins, president of the sergeant's union in NYC. This is really one of the understatements of the year (granted the year is only 5 days old). In a second round of silent protest, NYC police officers turned their back to Mayor de Blasio during his speech at Officer Liu's funeral. While not all the officers followed suit, it was clear that enough of them feel that the NYC Mayor does not deserve their respect anymore. This even after Commissioner William J. Bratton sent out a notice telling officers to not turn their backs on the mayor as it was an "act of disrespect." The notice was not an order, but still a stern request. Officers, both retired and active, protested the mayor's speech because they believe he is "a cop hater since before he got elected mayor." They believe that the Mayor, and his staff, have criticized officers too much for the actions of only a few. And if you were them, would you not do the same? Let us think what these men and women do on a day to day basis. These are the same officers that ran into the falling twin towers. These were the same officers that have protected our cities for very little pay and benefits (I am a New Yorker). So why would they not be mad? All that hard work and trust building in order to receive no gratitude. A few bad officers cause everyone to blame all the officers with none of their "leaders" really stepping up to protect them. I do not think that officers are all good. I think there are many cops. But let us not pretend that they have done nothing for us when they have risked their lives for us for so long. So how can they not be upset? Before we blame them, or even ask them to come to the table, shouldn't we at least say thank you for everything else?
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