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I must say I am really excited about this project. I am obsessed with the digital space as a way to create a project that is transformative to the art of photography. Johan Rosenmunthe's project Off II really hits home for me a contemporary photographic work. Johan addresses the increasing amount of digital communication society participates in on a daily basis. This work attempts to make a connection between how this digital communication streamlines our personalities while also censoring information, giving us unreliable and incomplete information. Johan took pictures of 'friends' from various social sites and gave them a digital representation. He placed them into scenes that have somehow missed the company of people. The relationship between this pixelated subject and wanting background really paints an interesting picture for Johan's point. Johan sums up the execution of the process very well in his artist statement: "These images come to life when the viewer move in relation to them – seen up close, the people are blurred and the viewer has to step back to bring the motive into focus. At the same time, the scene in which the person is placed is blurred when viewed from a distance. So you have to move back and forth – between non-figurative colored squares and figurative representations of personality."
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I like this a lot. I feel like the impersonality of the technology age is sort of a recurring theme in contemporary art and photography, but it always interests me to see what direction each artist takes it. The duality in this one is pretty powerful.