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Have you been questioning yourself "Is it time to get an haircut?." You've came to right place! If you've been considering, here are common signs that it's time for a chop. 1. Styling takes longer When it takes you twice as long to style your hair because of split ends, detangling and moisture-loss. It's time to see your hairdresser. 2. There's no shape You're due for a cut if you strands are dead and flat. It's time to get your hair bouncy and full of life again. 3. You wear it up...always If you are tossing your strands up into your go-to messy bun daily, this is one of the main signs you need at least a trim. This means you gave up on how your hair look when it's down. 4. Split ends Many of us wait for split ends to get a trim. However, by that time it means you've waited to long in between haircuts. When was the last time you got a haircut? If all of these signs describes your hair, it's time to hit up your hairdresser.
I went to get a trim recently, convinced I was going to need to loose inches (it had been a while...) but I was actually alright! I hadn't been having any of these troubles yet, so i guess I was good to go :)
@alise RIght there with you. I don't really get the other problems, so I'm not sure how else to judge!
#1 and #3 explains my current situation. Except I'm a #4 girl...waiting to get a haircut.