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Does this mean i need to loosen my trucks? Go faster? What.
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lean back more and use your legs more
Ok guys I'd only listen to @ApolloSkating and @steezster for this because it's not a problem with the trucks @AnthonyByers and it's not fine @gdwhat (unless you were joking @gdwhat then good joke bro) @IsaacPaulR use your legs more, and rely on the grab less. Couldn't have said it better myself @ApolloSkating
try not grabbing at all, lean your legs closer to the board and try loosening the trucks
@Mannith @steezus @steezster @ApolloSkating I did two sloppy coleman shutdown slides without grabbing the rail but for the coleman 180 I can do it grabbin the rail but can't do it yet not grabbing the rail. Tomorrow I'll have another session to work on it. Thanks for the advice.
this means slide on all 4s