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Does this mean i need to loosen my trucks? Go faster? What.
focus less on grabbing your board to slide and more on using your legs to push out the slide
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Ok guys I'd only listen to @ApolloSkating and @steezster for this because it's not a problem with the trucks @AnthonyByers and it's not fine @gdwhat (unless you were joking @gdwhat then good joke bro) @IsaacPaulR use your legs more, and rely on the grab less. Couldn't have said it better myself @ApolloSkating
3 years ago·Reply're fine
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@RichardSchafer it's not a bad habit to grab just make sure to not rely on it when you slide because you'll pull to hard and will end up lifting the board off it's front 2 wheels
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idk cause I've had my trucks crazy tight and this only happens to me when I lean back too far or pull up on the board
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