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De Poezenboot - literally translated to 'Cat Boat' - is one of the ultimate world destinations for anyone who really, really loves cats! This floating animal sanctuary was built in 1966, and has been keeping the paws of stray cats dry ever since. Housing approximately 50 homeless cats at a time, this no-kill cat sanctuary not only works as a veterinary hospital, but opens itself up to the public so these kittens can get some serious playtime in with the nearly 5,000 guests visiting throughout the year. Out of each of these cats, a majority are available for adoption, and this is the biggest way that De Poezenboot has found many of these former strays a very happy home. The sanctuary is open for visiting hours from 1 PM - 3 PM daily, except Wednesday and Sundays. To visit De Poezenboot, find them at the following address: The Catboat Singel 38.G 1015 AB Amsterdam The Netherlands
This just warms the heart, mine in particular. That cute little creature in photo 2 made my heart skip a beat! Why can't we do this all over America?
@onesmile Hahah it definitely stays docked. But I read somewhere that the geese floating in the water always try to steal their cat food. Rude ducks.
This looks like so much fun! I hope the cats can't get sea sick XD (though I assume it's just docked, lol)
@marshaledgar At this rate, we'd just be turning the United States into one giant cat lady.
@danidee Not just the Mississippi. All the rivers. And lakes. Et al.
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