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Share your favorite poems.

I'm excited to be the moderator of this community! I will be checking out all of your guys poems as often as I can and providing feedback as well. keep posting your work guys and keep leaving comments for others. Even a simple comment like "I love this!" will go a long way for the writer posting here. I can't always provide feedback to everyone's post so help me out when you guys can. If a poem affects you and you like it go ahead and press that heart button. It's encouraging to your fellow writers. On another note, I'd like to start off by asking you to share your favorite poems by other authors. Add as many as you'd like. I'd like to see what writing inspires you guys. Maybe it will inspire someone else. If you have the time find an imagine that best represents the poem to you as well :) Thanks guys! KaitlynnJanae
Shared my favorite poem right now :) - http://www.vingle.net/posts/663720
Im always here to give feedback~ I'll see if I can share any poems, but beyond my "famous people reading famous poems" collection, I'm not sure what I'd share!
Great idea! I'll definitely try to keep giving feedback, and share some of my favorite poems. There's always inspiration to be found in another's work :)
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