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Here is my personal list of my top ten favorite K-pop songs of 2014. (Honorable Mentions include: Girl's Day "Darling, AOA's Miniskirt", Nine Muses "Gun", Sistar "I Swear", Got7 "Girls Girls Girls", and Park Boram "Beautiful") 10. 4minute "Whatcha Doing Today?" 9. Fiestar "One More" 8. BTS "Boy in Luv" 7. Infinite "Back" 6. A-Pink "Mr. Chu" 5.Secret "I'm in Love" 4. Girl's Day "Something" 3. AOA "Short Hair" 2. Soyu and Junggigo (feat. Lil Boi from Geeks) "Some" 1. K.Will "First Day" I'm surprised but this year was defiantly the year of the K-pop Girl Groups, the boys better step it up for next year! What were your favorite songs? Let me know in the comments ^^
AOA's Short Hair was one of my favorite songs from this year too. We're making lists for the K-Pop songs we freak out the most over, and that's definitely ending up on mine!! @MattK95 @jiggzy19 @honeysoo What do you guys think??
bts boys in love girls day something
Infinite's chorus for Back was stuck in my head for a MONTH
4Minute's song actually helped me study for a Korean test so I support it all the way hahaha it literally asked every question on my beginning Korean quiz~
Awesome list of songs, I love them all :) @danidee AOA short hair is one of my favourites from this year :)
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