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this place seriously had the most skateboards and long boards ive ever seen in my life haha so sick! and holy crap those ronin and bear precision's look so fuckin nice in personO.o these aren't pictures of the shop now, didn't take any so I found some online
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I finally got to see a chubby unicorn too!!!!!! O.O thinking about buying it lol
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My local shop (lip trix for any of you who are ever in the st george, utah area check them out!) has a small loaded section with the chubby, I don't see the hype. It's overpriced and if I was gonna buy another loaded board, it'd be the tesseract or the bhangra.
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You didn't lick everything did ya?
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Where is this shop?@JaydenWashabaug
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Don't buy a chubby. Overpriced and you can get 100% better setups for a fraction of the cost.
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