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Blown; Not in a Good Way
So I was skating my local spot yesterday, and as I was walking up the hill this lady that lived up there said that "skateboarding is illegal on the hill. This is our community and you can't be doing this to us." ... I live two blocks away, can probably see her house from mine up the hill, and have been skating this road for well over a year now. No one has ever told me it's illegal to skate that hill, and have never had any problems there before. I'm skating at my own risk with protection. Why should there still be an issue with this? I'm sorry for doing what I like, but to anyone who wants to stop me from skating.. Fuck you. Not only is it my right to skate, but the only person who could get hurt is myself, physically, in this situation. I try to be as safe as I can. It has worked well for me so far. The only time I've gotten close to getting run over was when I trusted a spotter, and he almost got me killed. That wasn't even on this road, and I would like to see "the law" that she saw that keeps me from skateboarding the hill. You can write me a hundred tickets for speeding and blowing stop signs. I won't quit doing it. I pick the right time of the day to go that I think is safer to skate because of less traffic. I have a lot of friends that can do the same thing with me to where they won't be able to write anyone tickets! I don't know about all of you guys, but I'm always going to be shredding somewhere, so get used to it!!!! I hope you guys got something good out of this, and maybe a laugh too. As always like, follow (http://www.vingle.net/KTM2014), and comment below to speak your mind on this.
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@EarleEllis why does that sound so funny? I mean shouldn't all skaters be pedestrians?
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They should be but I think in Pennsylvania and a couple other places they're classified otherwise
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That's so walk yo
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I think if you just tried explaining all that you've put on this post to her calmly you could change her mind. Remember kill em with kindness lol
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