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Heyy i need some help i got a Landyachtz Switchblade 40 with bear Grizzly 852 trucks i need some help on which wheels i should get im looking to do downhill freeride and sliding i was thinking venom cannibals 72mm 80a look good just wondering if anybody could recommend any other wheels? Im trying to find a wheel thats just good for almost any use?
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nah I mean the brand "these" lol. @BradSBadEmd
haha oh ive read reviews on 'these' ive only seen bad reviews n my friend owns a pair he hates them n ive tried them i dont really like them but thnx for the advice @steezster
Uhh. There isn't a wheel that will do technical Dh well, and freeriding. Unless you freeride at Dh speeds.
And all I have to say is, good luck freeriding cannibals.
there's not really a wheel that is amazing for both because downhill and freeride wheels are shaped and made differently, buuuuut orangatang cages are pretty okay