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In no particular order! Warning: Not all K-pop! 1. I Am The Best - 2NE1 2. Come Here - Masta Wu ft. BOBBY & Dok2. 3. Party XXO - GLAM 4. Bounce - BOBBY (iKon) From Show Me The Money! 5. Eternity - Vixx 6. Coup D'etat - G -Dragon 7. Go Crazy - 2pm 8. Fall In Love - U-KISS 9. Different - WINNER 10. Falling In Love - UNIQ That's part 4/5 complete! :) I hope you liked it! All credit goes to the owners of these videos! (I do not own these videos)! Sorry if the videos don't play! (You may have to look some of them up yourselves if any of them don't play!) @MattK95 <3
@jiggzy19 like I know it's old news and all. But I still get so excited xD
So, during a commercial on NFL they showed a windows tablet thing(idk what it was I was too busy fangirling) they used 2ne1's song I am the best. Then it happened during American Idol! So many people watch these shows and channels!
I am the best and going crazy make me feel happy always.
I had to come back and play #4 again.
I was srsly going to put 2 and 4 but I compressed everything into one card XD GREAT list :)
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