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Here's a honest question: Does fashion mean high-end? Is fashion just for rich people? We often see folks in fashion industry depicting the bottomless bank accounts and exclusive access to the world's foremost couture designers. Most of their wardrobe is filled with clothing custom-made, tailored, and each article holds a designer brand. Obviously, the answer is no. If you look at successful bloggers from the internet all over the world, their entire empire is built on the idea that fashion can and should be accessible to anyone. They shop in fast fashion stores like H&M, Forever 21, ASOS, ZARA and other affordable shops with runway inspirations. So what's the verdict? Each person define the word fashion differently. My key to look up-to-date is to stick with classic pieces that never go out of fashion. The truth is I can't always spend thousands on the next designer bag or hundreds on the next chanel dress. However, I do believe in quality over quantity. How do you keep up with fashion? Photo: Valentina Frugiuele
I've found that I can find clothes from 2+ seasons ago on sale in a store, and then buy one or two more expensive, new season pieces and viola! I'm in style :) It totally works, even without a lot of money
High-end fashion and fast-fashion is like a parallel that exist in the fashion world. I agree that fashion doesn't necessary mean high-end. The term itself is arbitrary and it changes over time.