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Haven't been skating thanks to lack of pavement, but I got this ready tonight for when the moment arises. 2012 Bustin Meastro I love this deck, favorite thing Ive ever road. I plan on getting a 2015 and plan to retire this one when she snaps. Custom Bustin coloured Bear 552s Yes I got them for the colour, and cause I love my Bears. Id love some 5th gens but its not worth it for this old deck. Zombie Hawgs I donno the A or the size, theyre coned theyre beat up good. None the less I enjoy zombie Hawgs although I now much prefer the mini Zombies for the simple fact there not side set. Sector 9 Black Ball bearings My bearings that I swear by. These ones are currently a little over two years old and will be retired with the deck. I am not a Sector 9 guy but these bearings are beautiful cheap ceramics that have proven themselves to me many times. 7200 grip Its a home town special. I donno if it has another name but it comes in a big box to my local shop with the number 7200 on it sooo yeap xD Also its course as hell, viscous doesnt have anything on this stuff. RAD hardware My shop carries it and its never let me down. Bushings are Bear standard boardside and a very soft venom street side. I wish Bear standard bushings lasted a little better but all in all good stuff all round.
I'm hope I'm there the day the board finally breaks steven
Ive actually not ridden this set up in a while. The deck is my bitch though.
I can tell you love this setup, you've nearly ridden it to death! This is great to see, haha
@SyrysMolesworth I donno haven't skated in a while thanks to being old and in pain so I cant even remember what could've done it, but its a good crack.
what did u do to it now @SteveLee772
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