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With Kanye's new single came some trolls no one was ready for: Paul McCartney Trolls. After West's single dropped on New Year's, the interwebs were flooded with people dying to know who that charming voice in the background of the song belonged to. Who is Paul McCartney, and does he have any more music? Now obviously, the netizens were disturbed by this lack of Beatlemania and took to twitter streets to educate these poor souls. While the arguments got heated, no one seemed for get it that these were trolls in their truest form: of course they know who Paul McCartney is! Sure, Kanye has worked with some really unknown artists before, but come on, the arguably most popular Beatle?! All I got out of this was, if someone doesn't already know who Paul McCartney is, they don't deserve to know.
@caricakes Who? :P
That hot new artist, Paul McCartney!
@danidee Are you SERIOUS?! Everyone needs to be exposed to heavy doses of Outkast!
This is like when Coachella-goers didn't know who Outkast is. Sit down, children. Outkast isn't THAT old.