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Let's get twisting with this fun braided style. Your hair will never look bored in class! 1. Apply a generous amount of mousse to wet hair 2. Blow dry the hair using the diffuser. 3. Twist a section from each side of your part and pull back and secure with a bobby pin. 4. Take the remaining hair into two sections and twist them about two – three inches down. (does not matter which direction!) 5. Put both twists together and slide your finger through the middle of both twists and separate the two. 6. Now take your two new sections and twist them, split them in half, and pull them apart just like you did previously. 7. Continue doing that the rest of the way down and then secure with a rubber band. 8. Pull the twists apart to make it appear thicker and fuller and you are done!!
can you please post a video?
Love it and I'm so doing this hair style.
is anyone else confused by this like I don't understand what u do after u put ur finger through the two twists
this is an awesome braid:)
Cute! The twist on the back looks like a crown.
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