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This is a first look video at the new Alcatel Onetouch smartwatch. A circular face, outlined in polished steel, Alcatel adds a noteworthy entrant into the wearable market at a fraction of the cost of some comparable models at $149.99 The round face, reminiscent to the Moto 360, has one of the same features that consumers complained about with the black bar at the bottom of the screen. However, this black bar does have some functionality in controlling and navigating the functions of the watch. Other than that, the watch holds the same features thay every other smartwatch has - clock, pedometer, heart rate monitor, etc. Alcatel Onetouch Watch First Look: http://youtu.be/179yMiGbrX0
@timeturnerjones yes, size does appear to be an issue with some consumers, but if you're looking for a smaller alternative...the LG G watch is a good smaller version that you can find on sale, right now, or you can wait for this watch to come out, which seems to be a more reasonable size. I currently have the Galaxy Gear 2, and while it does do physical activity tracking...I find it uncomfortable to wear while working out. I currently use the Fitbit one, which you have to clip on your clothes, but some other alternatives that are more workout friendly are the Fitbit Surge and the Samsung Galaxy Fit.
I recently tried my first "activity device" and my uncle asked me why I don't just get a watch like this one (which he also has). They're still just a bit too big for my taste, but their capabilities are pretty awesome