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I missed Saturday...and Sunday...and I also said I would do a video. (Winter break rager amiright?) But here are my 2 lovely setups. Batray 5.8 Smallest wheelbase Paris v2 90a divine rs 90a venom bs 1/8" riser 62mm 82a orange Remember PeeWees OG Killswitch with OG graphic Cast Ronin 180mm 42.5* baseplate 95a venom barrels all around 76mm 80a Venom Cannibals (fresh) Zealous bearings Id be happy to review anything besides the cannibals since I haven't scrubbed them yet. I also have These ATF317 in 80a, cloud ride ozones in 83a and 86a, Otang inheats, a Bustin ibach (OG) and I've had a 2k13 hoopty and an omen bar fight.
I really really want a batray, you mind giving me a little review?
@steezus peewees/hoots are another fun wheel. After the first few mm of ice they get very fun and airy almost.
How are the Paris v2 at 50?
Well is the batray lighter than the barfight
@BlakeRuss they already have the sugar and sugar kick which are pretty much the same things. I do think they should give it a slight kick, but their boards are super heavy and hard to Ollie. @BlakeRuss
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