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I missed Saturday...and Sunday...and I also said I would do a video. (Winter break rager amiright?) But here are my 2 lovely setups. Batray 5.8 Smallest wheelbase Paris v2 90a divine rs 90a venom bs 1/8" riser 62mm 82a orange Remember PeeWees OG Killswitch with OG graphic Cast Ronin 180mm 42.5* baseplate 95a venom barrels all around 76mm 80a Venom Cannibals (fresh) Zealous bearings Id be happy to review anything besides the cannibals since I haven't scrubbed them yet. I also have These ATF317 in 80a, cloud ride ozones in 83a and 86a, Otang inheats, a Bustin ibach (OG) and I've had a 2k13 hoopty and an omen bar fight.
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@BlakeRuss not at all. The barfights intense rocker really made the drop, but the batrays flush mounts just make this little pocket.
Thanks @womanator omen should really make a double kick bar fight
@BlakeRuss they already have the sugar and sugar kick which are pretty much the same things. I do think they should give it a slight kick, but their boards are super heavy and hard to Ollie. @BlakeRuss
Well is the batray lighter than the barfight
How are the Paris v2 at 50?