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January Baking Fun: Share Your Favorite Bread
Happy January! Let's do something fun for the first month of 2015. This is my first time I'm starting an event in the baking community. The purpose is to get everyone that's passionate about baking or baked goods to a share what they like. The theme for January is Bread! Why? When it comes to baking the first comfort food that reminds me of home is bread. The smell and the feel of taking a bite in the warmly baked good is none like other! Share with us what bread comforts your soul! Ways to participate: 1. Share your favorite bread recipe. 2. Share your favorite bread (from any bakery). Please make sure to list the Bakery's name and location! 3. Share your favorite bread with a friend. Please tag me in the card: @alohajpark and I'll add it in this collection: http://www.vingle.net/collections/1729476 When posting a photo, please make sure it's bright and clear enough for us to see it! That's all, I'm exciting to see what everyone shares. :)
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I LOVE bread. I usually eat bread with dinner every night. Country white bread tends to be my favourite. Just today actually, they ordered from Panera in work for some guests we had. I got a whole leftover baguette of bread. I ate the whole thing. All about that bread, bout that bread, no butter.