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Storyline Yui Kusanagi has always been close to the gods- but now she is closer then ever before! Zeus, the Greek God of the Sky and Thunder, drags her into an academy designed to force the gods to strengthen their relationships with humans (which has slowly weakened over time). She is introduced to Apollo (Greek God of the Sun), Hades (Greek God of the Underworld), Takeru/Susanoo (Japanese God of the Ocean), Tsukito/ Tsukiyomi (Japanese God of the Moon), Balder (Norse God of Light), Loki (Norse God of Fire), Thor (Norse God of Thunder), and Dionysus (Greek God of Wine and Merrymaking). Zeus tells his fellow gods they will have one year to strengthen the bond/understand human emotions by the time the year is over, or they will all remain within the school for the rest of eternity (including Yui). My Review I really enjoyed watching this Anime a lot , such nice short sweet anime with each character having its own trials, struggles and its own stories each episode tells stories of another characters. It will make you feel a variety of emotions from happiness to feeling sorry for the characters to falling in love with its lovely cast. The female character (Yui) is definitely a strong positive character with a lot of deep emotions. The plot is unique and a great story. Yui is an average high school Japanese girl who's parents own a shrine. She gets transported to a fantasy world or "Garden" as its known where she has to teach some gods about humans and love. Theirs twists and turns within the amazing 12 episodes. If you like fantasy awesome graphics, friendship a bit of romance , humor, awesome cast you will definitely enjoy watching it ! This anime meets so many different genre's from romance to comedy, fantasy and filled with all its emotions. As well as Supernatural powers (Since the guys are gods after all), action, mythology (Both Greek, Japanese and a little bit of Egyptian) and funny moments that are sure to bring a smile to your face. One of my favorite anime's >.< I hope you all will enjoy it 2 check it 4 sure And Enjoy.
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This looks pretty awesome! The art is just my style. I haven't watched an anime like this in a really long time - which means it would probably be pretty refreshing. Some of the character design actually reminds me a little of Gundam Wing.
It's a nice anime. I really loved it!
This sounds like an anime to get me back into anime as well @sanityscout since I am a sucker for cute/sweet friendship/romance plot lines. This touches on it all!
@hikaymm @sanityscout @MattK95 thanks soo much hope you all will like it. :-) Enjoy
This anime was so amazing. I wish there was a second season with female gods as well.