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This video from Did You Know Gaming? is a super interesting look at the history of Halo and the directions it could have gone other than the game so many know and love today. For example, several weapons that didn't make it into the game, like a machete, underwater spear gun and "gravity wrench." Also, instead of a FPS - did you know it could have been a real-time strategy game? This video gives us the inside scoop on everything from where the sounds come from to how the Master Chief got beefed up and how it ended up being a first-person shooter. Lots of other good stuff here - it's such an interesting window into game development and how such a hugely successful franchise comes to be.
One of the most amazing parts of these games is just how much is snuck into the games. The designers/programmers must have so much fun creating these Easter Eggs! Halo is pretty much the only shooter I've enjoyed, so it's cool to here more about them.
Oh man, this really made me nostalgia hard. I played Halo 1 on the PC and it was one of the first games that I was REALLY into. I can't believe the elite's language is just Sgt. Johnson's voice backwards. @hunahuna Nice catch!
Wow! I had no idea about a lot of these. I was always so confused how Bungie would come up with these names for things. Interesting to note, I noticed Praetorian was an earlier game made by Bungie, and Bungie used that name for a powerful enemy in Destiny!
@hunahuna @TeamWaffles I guess it's a matter of waste not, want not haha! My favorite part was to find out about those little details and carryovers. @timeturnerjones I love finding out about Easter Eggs in pretty much anything :)