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It is easy to be tricked into snacking on sugary or salty things when trying to lose weight due to false advertising. Those 'healthier' baked potato chips or the 'anti-oxidant' smoothie. Here is a list of foods to avoid when trying to snack healthily! Trail Mix A serving of store-bought trail mix is only a quarter-cup which won't really fill you up. Plus, while the nuts have good fat for you, the calorie count is too high to justify such a small, unsatisfying snack. Pretzels Totally yummy, but way too high in sodium — almost 20 percent of your daily intake is in one serving of pretzels! Rice Cakes Yes, they are low in calories and contain no fat, but they are also incredibly high in sugar! Try air-popped popcorn instead. Banana Chips Banana chips also may seem like a good idea, but they are actually usually fried, which means they are high in saturated fat. Go for a real banana instead! Cheez-Its Filled with simple carbs, these yummy crackers will spike your blood sugar and create cravings which is exactly what you DON'T want a snack to do. Granola and Skim Milk Even just a half cup of granola with one cup of skim milk can have 360 calories! Be sure you check the sugar level before you get any store bought granola!
Aww cheezits are my favorite 😩
I am such a sucker for granola, but I eat WAY too much of it!
RIP banana chips :(
@nokcha me too!! It's so hard, because it's so good, but should only really be used if you're in a high calorie burning situation!
@Tori2451 Lol same here :'(
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