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I've been pretty pleased to see the huge surge in popularity that science fiction and fantasy in popular culture, but especially in film. The 21st century has really seen the rise of the geeks into mainstream culture - and thank goodness, because it's making everything more awesome! 2015 is promising to continue that trend - io9 is listing a whopping 67 SciFi and Fantasy films to see this year! I whittled it down to more manageable sizes - so here are the first 5 SciFi and Fantasy movies that I want to see out of that list: 1. Predestination (Jan. 9) I'm so excited about this one! Ethan Hawke is back for another film by the Spierig Brothers, who directed him in Daybreakers (I loved that movie). This movie is based closely on Robert A. Heinlein's story "All You Zombies" - looks like a time travel story to really mess with your head. I attached a video with some clips. 2.Strange Magic (Jan. 23) This is a story by George Lucas from before Disney bought Lucasfilm. According to io9, it's an animated fantasy movie about goblins and elves, based loosely on Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Apparently director Gary Rydstrom compares it to Labyrinth, produced by Lucas - but that comparison just makes me skeptical. What could possibly be like Labyrinth these days? Parts of it actually make me think of a cross between Ferngully and Avatar. I'll still watch it, though! I attached the trailer - let me know how you feel about it. 3. Jupiter Ascending (Feb. 6) I actually incorrectly thought this movie came out in 2014, and I had just missed it. Shows how buried I was last year. But it's not out yet! It's from the Wachowskis, who made Cloud Atlas (from the very convoluted novel of epic proportions). This definitely comes off as less brainy and more entertainment. Mila Kunis stars and an everyday, plain woman (yeah, right) who is actually the heiress to an alien throne. She has to assume to role if she wants to keep some aliens from harvesting Earth. It tentatively looks pretty fun, but I get so thrown off by Channing Tatum's pointy ears. It really gives it a ridiculous vibe. I'll still check it out and hope for the best! Trailer is attached. 4. Kingsman: The Secret Service (Feb. 13) I am super excited about this one! Starring Sir Awesomeness himself, the dashing Colin Firth, as well as Mr. Badass Samuel L. Jackson, this comic-book movie directed by Matthew Vaughn (Kick Ass, X-Men First Class) is about a super-spy agency that recruits a street-wise problem kid. I'm curious about how graphic it will be, considering Kick Ass. The trailer is awesome and attached. I love Colin Firth! "Manners...maketh...the man." 5. What We Do In The Shadows (Feb. 13) I had not heard of this one, but I'm definitely intrigued. I mean, it's from Funny or Die and the Flight of the Conchords creators. How can it not be hilarious? Here's the io9 description: "This horror mockumentary follows three vampires... and the monstrous creature that lives in their basement. Written and directed by Flight of the Conchords' Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement, who also star, this movie already came out in New Zealand to pretty unanimous acclaim." Hilarious trailer attached. I'll post more of my picks in another card ( - but I can't wait to watch these first ones! How will I possibly get to everything I want to see?!
#5 is gong to be ridiculous. I'm so excited.
I've been dyyyyinnnng for Kingsman to come out already, and pretty stoked about Strange Magic too, though I don't know what I'll end up thinking of it....
Agreed, @danidee!
@timeturnerjones Yeah...I'm kind of nervous about Strange Magic. I feel like they've been promoting Kingsmen for like 2 years!