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What a great year for snowboarding in 2014. From epic shots to epic fails, snowskating, and all that jazz. So much creativity and so many laughs, there are almost too many videos to choose from for the top 10 videos of the year. Luckily, SnowboardMag made their list of the top 10 videos and I think it's right on point. 1. The Helgasons' NoToBo Movie Brought to you by the guys who made Sexual Snowboarding and DTF (Down To Film), this film is filled with epic snowboarding, humor, and good times. It's definitely a must see! 2. Yawgoon: Dylan Gamache Proving that you don't need mountains to be a great snowboarder, Dylan Gamache makes a noticeable appearance in this short film. Be on the look of for this rider this season, he's taking over! 3. Signal makes a 10-foot-long Snowboard! From their video show Every Third Thursday, Signal Snowboards decided to make the longest snowboard ever and take it to Mammoth on opening day, all in the name of fun and creativity. 4. The Shredbots witness a fantastic skier fail. This video has been posted before, but it's so good it had to be included in this year's top 10. A skier tries to hit this kicker, but is just the definition of failure. 5. Chairlift Laps with Travis Rice in Japan Travis Rice is one of the gnarliest riders, bombing some of the tallest mountains, and doing this biggest tricks. However, this doesn't mean he can't get down on a powder day with friends. Here he does powder run after powder run in Japan starting right out the lift. Beautiful! 6. Incredible Snowskating: 10 Years of Ambitions Snowskates We all probably know about snowskating, but this is an entirely different level. Legit ollies onto rails, trick flips, these guys know what they are doing. Does anyone else see a snowskate revolution coming soon? 7. Halldor Helgason's Roof Gap Attempt from NoToBo This clip was in the top video, but it's so gnarly it deserves it's own spot in the top 10. It's surprising Halldor even makes it across this huge gap with the enormous weight of high cajones.. 8. Go-WTF-Pro Dog Bone Teaser for the Shredbots the Movie I don't enjoy it personally, but there is something about watching people ragdoll in powder that is oddly satisfying. The Shredbots came out with this teaser chalk full of epic tumbling that was sure to show promise (and it did). 9. Katie Ormerod Hits the First Ever Women's Double Cork 1080 Katie Ormerod, a 16-year-old from Yorkshire, England became the first woman ever to land a double cork 1080. She didn't just land it, she made it look really good. I'm excited to see how she progresses and where she leads women's snowboarding as a whole. 10. Ken Block's RaptorTRAX Shredfest with Ethan Deiss and Zak Hale There was no way this video wasn't making it to the top 10 snowboarding videos of the year. I mean serious it has Ken Block, epic backcountry riding, and a badass truck with tracks instead of wheels. What more could you ask for? So these are the top ten snowboarding videos of 2014, what is your favorite and why?
@TeamWaffles yeah I think so, that would explain why the board bends like that in the middle. @mikerosa92 That one was custom made, but yeah that thing is awesome!
That Ken Block video though, I had not idea they made trucks like that. I need one!
absolutely ridiculous, ahahahahah. If you listen closely it sounds like they snap the board in the shop before even riding it. I think around 4:15
@TeamWaffles Definitely deserves a top spot. What did you think of that 10 foot snowboard?
Wow this is an awesome list! @chowder Im happy to see Gamache getting on this list, that dude is crazy.