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first runs Blood orange liam morgans
took my new 70mm 82a liam Morgans out today and they are by far the best slide wheels I've ever tryed. Super buttery smooth slides and hardly make a sound. Have nice grip but its very little, honestly that is what I was looking for in my sliding wheels tho so its perfect for me. slides and very controllable and easy to throw out in high and low speed slides:) couldnt get them to thane much like i hoped for in the videos but i think thats cause of the pavement, didn't get to ride them much cause I had to get to work but deffinitly worth the time and money I spent on them:) the video I posted are the only runs I got in and most of them are standup slides cause I'm trying to get those better but tell me what you think!!!! not as good as other videos but I didn't have anyone to video for me today
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thanks @GaryCampbell the board is a landyachtz switch40 @IsaacPaulR
3 years ago·Reply
aw you're going to love them haha @RichardSchafer
3 years ago·Reply
Yeah lmao it's weird. @JaydenWashabaug
3 years ago·Reply
@jaydenwashabaug any thane from them
3 years ago·Reply
yea! once I kind of broke them in and it warmed up @NickRadis
3 years ago·Reply