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In thinking about the new trio of lady villains on the show Once Upon a Time, it occurred to me that there is a glaring disproportionate use of female villains. It makes sense, I guess, since the premise is to glean from fairy tales. Blame the authors, I guess, but always writing in witches and evil queens. But I'd like to see some better male villains. So far the best we've gotten is the perennial Rumple and Peter Pan (who was pretty awesomely developed). There's Hook, of course, as well. But now we're in love with him. I wish they had done more with Dr. Frankenstein, for example. Jafar was interesting in the spin-off, but that show's kaput. So I started thinking: who else could we have for male villains in the future? Here are some ideas: 1. Mr. Hyde (with intervention from Dr. Jekyll, of course) 2. Dorian Gray (dandy extraordinaire) 3. The Big Bad Wolf (maybe face-off with Red?) 4. Grendel (although his mom would come into the mix, and then we're back at the same problem) 5. Dracula/Vlad the Impaler (maybe vampires are a bit too much for this show?) Can you think of any good male story villains for future Once Upon a Time storylines?
I want some Hyde/Jekyll action. Please. That would be a step in the right direction and just be fantastic~!
What do you call Rumplstilkson? He's definitely not a -pro-tagonist.
Oh there is Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, and the Horned King from the Black Cauldron
I always intended to go farther than the first episode with this show but I just never got around to it... Still I like the idea of Dorian Gray, I can imagine that being pretty creepy, well there is always the mouse king from the Nutcracker, or the Huns in Mulan, though that isn't really a fairy tale :/
Robin Hood is now an established character (no more to avoid spoilers), but if I remember correctly they haven't done much with the Sheriff. Good call!
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