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I'm stuck inside for a few months (well, not really, but I've never quite got the knack of enjoying the outdoors in the winter~~!) so I've been living out my adventurous side through my TV. Don't shoot me! Anywho, if you have Netflix, check out these documentaries! I included their trailers as well. Thanks to Gearjunkie for the hot tip :) 1. McConkey (2013) 2. Into the Mind (2013) 3. Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau (2013) 4. Beyond the Edge (2013) 5. 180 Degrees South (2010) 6. Rising From Ashes (2012) 7. Mile…Mile & A Half (2013) 8. 30 for 30: Slaying the Badger (2014) 9. The Endless Summer (1967) 10. Where The Trail Ends… (2012) Enjoy these this winter!
@sanityscout @mikerosa92 @TeamWaffles Thanks guys! Like I said I haven't watched these yet, I just hope to in the future, so I listed them up for that reason :)
@timeturnerjones Number 3 and number 9 are musts! Especially endless summer, you really need to watch that if you haven't seen it before.
I'll definitely check these out! I've seen #8 slaying the badge, but I'd only recommend that for bicycle racing lovers!
Endless Summer is the surfing movie supreme - love it!
Looks like I have a lot to watch!!! Any of these about surfing?