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...adorably refuse to hit this girl :) One of them evens ays "I'm against violence". That is the true natural essence of human beings--everything else is learned. Regardless of whether or not we can take this as an "experiment" that actually represents any real change or what actions we should take against violence (to men or women), I think we can agree that these cuties are thinking the right way when they refuse to hit her! This isn't the end all to violence or gender stereotypes (a few of the little boys still think they shouldn't hit her because she's a girl, not because she's another person) but it's certainly a big step in the right direction. Their reasons, too, are super cute! "Because she's pretty" is definitely my favorite one! What do you think of these boys' attitudes?
I scrolled past this on Facebook but I am so glad I stopped to watch it here! How cute!
These guys are super adorable, even if I super dont' think they should be OK with hitting anyone!! Still, what smooth talkers. "Can I kiss her on the lips or cheek?" ha! Way to stop and ask permission~