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Vélo Québec came out with a beautiful bicycle safety public safety announcement. Often times we are shown gruesome or tragic commercials on the television that promote bicycling safety. To me this just makes me scared and sad, and more importantly it does little to relate motorists to cyclists. A trend appearing in the bicycling safety advocacy movement is to make cycling seem so normal to the people that cycling is most foreign to. In this PSA Vélo Québec shows bicycles in garages with cars. We can assume that they are owned by the same person because they are in the same garage, but also because they are similar in design or appearance to the cars and in a way reflect a bit of their owner's personality through them. This attempt at reflecting a personality makes it more relate-able, a human quality that is undeniable. This is what makes it such a great PSA!
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@AnthonyB I think you might be right!
@BikeSnob Glad you liked it!!
@AnthonyB I think I remember that commercial too, was it a commercial? I can't remember, hahaha
I can see what you mean. Reminds me of the pictures of dogs with their owners and how they look alike. I think that may have been some sort of inspiration for how they did this
Beautiful commercial! I wish there were more like these!