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I know what you're thinking. 'I've been walking fine for the past few decades, I don't need to change." But perhaps you're wrong! Maybe a simple tweak in your walking habits will get you to the next level and will improve your speed, posture, and over all health! Here's how to find your form. 1. Stand tall, with your shoulders back and a natural arch in your lower back. 2. Bend your arms at 90 degrees, imagining your elbows are in a cast as your arms swing. The faster you swing them, the faster you'll go! You legs actually naturally want to stay in sync with your arms so they'll work to watch up. 3. Tighten up your abs, but without hunching or bending at the waist. Stay tall so that you don't affect your diaphragm. 4. Roll off each heel and push off from your toes at the end of every stride, as if you're showing someone behind you the soles of your shoes. This will help you keep your foot on the ground a little bit longer, making for shorter but stronger and faster steps. Check out the attached infographic for more tips!
No matter what you are doing, form is the most important!
I always find that my shoulders get tense while I walk, so I like that the infographic reminds you to keep those shoulder back!
I used to have a big problem as a child where I wouldn't put my heels on the ground. Walking or running, I did it on tiptoes. Glad I changed that!
I actually didn't know why swinging your arms was so important. Cool!