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The Road Bike Party series with Martyn Ashton inspired so many people. Seeing Martyn ride a $10k+ road bike like it was a trials bike got people really excited! However, with Martyn's unfortunate accident he cannot ride anymore, but that doesn't mean the people he inspired won't ride! Italian trials supersstar Vittorio Brumotti takes on the challenge that Martyn presented in Road Bike Party. Brumotti is a seasoned vet, he is a former bike trial World Champion and a 10-time Guinness World Record Holder. Brumotti met with Martyn about the project he had been working on. In comes Road Bike Freestyle! Brumotti takes on freestyle trials on a road bike, but with his own distinct style. My eyes were glued to the screen for this video and I'm sure yours will be too. Brumotti shows incredible skill!
Glad you like the post @LexParkerJr
I enjoyed watching the video several times, wow that looks like fun, BikeSnob thanks for posting.
I didn't know Vittorio made one of these! This guy is a boss on a trials bike
@AnthonyB I don't look at it as one being better than the other. I think they are both awesome for what they are and they both deserve kudos!!
He is very talented. I don't know which I enjoy more, Road Bike Party or Road Bike Freestyle!