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Not too long ago, I had shared a card starting a series on mobile apps for tax season. As I mentioned before, the process of filing your taxes can be a pain, but with the help of technology, you will be able to file them without a tax preparer. H&R Block has an app called 1040ez app that helps you file your taxes for $9.99. You can make your filing easier by snapping a photo of your W2 and letting the app autofill most of the information for you. The complete list of features includes: • Prepare your federal and state income tax for free, then e-file for just $9.99 • Finish faster. Take a picture of your W-2 to capture your personal and employer’s information, then answer a few simple questions • Eliminate mistakes, with automatic reviews for errors and omissions • Transfer your tax information seamlessly into your state returns • Rest easy, with free audit support and representation from an enrolled agent • Get the Maximum Refund – Guaranteed Get the app: Website: Android: iPhone/iPad:
I've always been lucky enough to use my uncle's edition of TurboTax to get my taxes done. I may not be so lucky this year. Thanks for the heads up!
@hikaymm No problem! I've just been discovering these apps recently, so I'm on the same boat.