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Who's in for a modern retro-inspired wave? This brushed-out version is definitely easy to do and great for any hair length. Preparation: As usual, it's best to air dry your hair for a natural texture. Then part it to your favorite side. Instructions: 1. Separate your hair to work in small sections. 2. Use a small-barrel curling iron (3/4 or 1 inch) and curl the section of hair. 3. After releasing the iron, wrap the curl around your finger, and pin it up against your head to cool. Do this to all around your head, but leave the hairline untouched. 4. Repeat the same technique around your hairline, but curl these pieces straight back, away from your face, rather than under. 5. Repeat step three, wrapping the hair in the same direction you just curled it. 6. Once your whole head is curled set the curls with a mist of dry shampoo. 7. After a few minutes, remove the pins, shake out your curls and spray texturing spray all over. 8. Use a boar-bristle hairbrush to lightly brush out the curls. Then, in small sections, use a comb to backcomb a few of the bends in the curls. Finish with a light mist of hairspray for hold and you're ready to rock these waves.
I lov loose curls :) thank u
I love this combination of retro glasses, red lips, stripes and wavy hair short hair!
I'm always too scared to go short with my hair, but all these short styles are making me think otherwise.
Love this style. I'll have to try this during summer. Clipping it for later.