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So there are a lot of things to look forward to with a new year of road cycling products and gadgets. With a new year comes new things on the wish list. You can hear it in the video, but it might be easier to search if I write it down for you. Here are a few things to be excited about for this coming year! : A successor to the Cannondale Supersix Evo. This bike was extremely popular, and a successor would most likely be well accepted by fans of Cannondale. This is only a rumor, so keep your eyes peeled! : Infocrank Powermeter Powermeters always, to some extent at least, have to guess or calculate the data that it gives you. Most powermeters on the market today, including SRM, only calculate the power output from one side of your pedaling and it calculates or 'guesses' the other side. The infocrank powermeter have sensors on both the left and right cranks, giving you a more accurate reading. : Canyon Ultimate CF SLX A grand tour winner, Nairo Quintana road it to victory at the Giro. This is one of the most aero, top of the the line bikes on the market in 2015. : Pro 3-spoke TT front wheel Pro has come a long way recently, making huge strides from the help of the Sky Team and their partnership. Their new 3-spoke TT wheel is 65mm deep and 28mm wide at brake track. Interestingly, the brake track is slanted to make better airflow between brake track and rim. 740g : DuraAce level Hydraulic Di2 lever The Shimano R785 is the current lever on the market for their hydraulic Di2 system. A DuraAce version would be a welcomed upgrade! This is just a rumor, but it is highly likely that this component will be made sometime in the future. : The GT Grade and other Gravel Road Bikes A recent trend in the road bike industry is making bikes more versatile. Take the GT Grade for instance, the geometry and features of the bike make it well suited not only for the road but also gravel and dirt. With the inclusion of disc brakes and more wheel clearance for thicker rims and tires, many modern road bikes can ride on more than just the road. : Disc Brake Technology Advancements A lot of people have fought it, and some people still deny it. I don't think they are going anywhere anytime soon. Disc brake technology will be getting better, most likely getting lighter, with better quick release systems, and easier to change. : SRAM Wireless This probably won't be out until the end of 2015, but how can you not be excited about this! This will end the problem of where to put the electronic wire, making your bike look super clean. : Zipp Firestrike 404 New Design Zipp states that the new Firestrike 404 will featured improved hubs and bearings, a stiffened wheel build, and a braking surface that they claim works the same in wet and dry conditions. I am really unsure about this braking surface, as it would contradict nearly every other carbon rim but I am excited to see if it truly works the way they say.
those bikes are gorgeous
Im happy about the switch to disc brakes, it's about time people start switching over. I really don't understand how so many people think it's just an industry ploy, disc brakes are SO much better and carbon sucks as a braking surface!!
@AnthonyB Those have sparked my interest for quite awhile. Do you have your eye on anything in particular?
Give me SRAM wireless and I'm a happy camper!
I'd love a 'versatile road bike' like the GT. I get bored sometimes and would love to switch it up on some gravel roads.