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Take modern spin on the French twist and we get a classic elegant updo that's perfect for any party or gathering. How to achieve this look: 1. Separate a large section of hair at the crown of the head, just above the temples. 2. Tease the entire section to give it texture. 3. Loosely brush back your teased section and secure with bobby pins at the back of head, leaving height and fullness throughout the top. 4. Comb the remaining hair from left to right and secure with bobby pins at the center of the back of the head. 5. Clip up a small section on the far right side to keep it out of the way. 6. Twist the remaining hair to the right until it coils onto itself in a U-shape, and pin tightly against the back of the head. Continue twisting, pinning any loose ends. 7. Release clipped section and backcomb to create messy texture. 8. Take a teased section from the right side and begin to pull it to the left, crossing the bun and tucking ends into the left crease. Secure with hair pins. 9. Continue pulling the hair from the right to left, wrapping and pinning until the bun is completely covered. Image Courtesy: Rachelle Derouin/Refinery
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My best friend sported this updo with a pink gown for prom and she looks extremely elegant that night.