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Top New Year's Resolutions for Cyclists
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Everyone tries to make New Years resolutions, and it is a given that many people never fulfilled those resolutions. It's not a problem with the person per say, it's more a problem with the goal. If you set realistic goals then you can achieve them! Here are a few tips on selecting a good, achievable resolution that involves your cycling habit this year. Whether it's choosing quality over quantity, strategically washing your bike, or trying out a new discipline, this GCN video will definitely send you in the right direction to achieving your resolution!
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@LexParkerJr I've been trying to wash my bike more often too. What kind of bike are you saving up for, or are you undecided?
Adding intervals sounds like a great way to improve rides, I may start doing this in my rides!
Everytime I think I want to save up for a new bike I see how much bike prices go up for the same components. I feel like bikes are getting more and more expensive every year
I plan on joining a cycling club this year. I can't tell if it's me being shy or not finding a group a click with, but I'm determined to find a group!
@BikeSnob I've got my eyes set on the 2015 Giant Defy Advanced 1, I like the looks, and it also comes equipped with disc brakes.