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Get the best look for your eye shape by following these tips! Almond Eyes If you have this eye shape you can pretty much try any eyeliner style and it will flatter your eyes. A favorite look - start out with a very thin line in the inner corners, and then build thickness out once you reach the outer third of your eye. Add a slight wing at the end. For a more dramatic effect carry the color down along your bottom lash line. Hooded Eyes It's best for hooded and monolid eyes to get the liner right in the base of the lash line. You can play with thickness and go for a cat-eye to give your eyes the most shape and definition. For a round eye illusion, make the line thiner in the center. Downturned Eyes Ladies with this eye shape you should aim for a look that keeps them lifted. Brighten the inner corners with a light-colored shimmery pencil. Focus on the top lash line, starting directly below the highest point of your arch, then think up and outwards. A slight flick of liner at the outer corners will liven up your eyes. Round Eyes Try elongating your eyes into a more exotic shape. For the upper lash line, play with the outer corners with either a long, extended wing or by smudging dark liner into both the upper and lower lash lines. All Eye Shapes if you have trouble with getting your line straight, try the connect-the-dots method. Dot the liner closely to your lash line, then blend the dots together to create one smooth stroke. You’ll get a straight line with this technique, regardless of your eye shape.
I'm proud to have almond eyes and it's great to know it's suitable for any eyeliner style. :)
Even though I have almond eyes, I love the round eye make up. It's so pretty!
I have downturned eyes and if I don't have eye makeup on that day people think questions if I'm tired. I like the wing trick!