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Former KARA member Nicole recently talked about her use of medication in an interview with GanGee. She said that she was prescribed medication to help ease the stress that she had been dealing with while prepping for her solo debut. Nicole stated, “While preparing for my solo debut, the fear of being judged on my talents and skills really overpowered me. The burden was just too much. I became so sensitive to the point that if someone had just slightly poked at me regarding the issue, I would burst into tears. I even reproached myself for letting my greed outrun me.” “What I’ve learned from my recent promotions and debut is that no matter how much you stress out about it, the results will never come out as well as you expected.” The artist continued, “I even got medication prescribed for my excessive stress, but now that I look back, the stress was something I put upon myself.” “I plan on becoming more free during my next album and more focused on having fun, rather than on perfecting everything. I have now come to the realization that everything has its own flow and that it makes things work out the way they should. Even this last album took a bit longer than expected and was postponed, but had we rushed into getting it out as originally planned, it would have been a lot worse than how it is now.” Personally, I love Nicole and thought she had a great solo stage. I wish her well in the future and hope that she never has to turn to medication again for something like stress. A habit like that could turn dangerous really fast. Translation thanks to Koreaboo
I always wonder what idols have to do to deal with the stress they face on a daily basis. I hope other idols that have turned to meds can talk to Nicole or at least feel more comfortable talking about their problems :/
I think it's great to be open about that kind of stuff for all of the other people out there that have anxiety issues to not feel so weird, but at the same time, yeah, I'm glad she was able to make sure not to get so dependent on it!
So sad that she felt that much pressure :(