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Are you guys ready for the new Playstation Plus games this month! This is probably my favorite month to date for the PS4, and a pretty solid offering on the PS3 as well! The PS4 will have inFamous: First Light, a stand alone DLC for Sucker Punch Studio's big release of winter 2013 inFamous Second Son. First Light is the first AAA release on PS+ that I am really, really excited about! The second PS4 game will be The Swapper. A finalist and winner of over 5 indie game awards, The Swapper is one indie title you aren't going to want to miss! You make your way through the game puzzle filled, size scroller with a replication gun. You must make clones of yourself and swap between consciousness to make your way through the levels. The PS+ games on the PS3 will be Prototype 2 and Disney DuckTales Remastered. Prototype 2 is an awesome game, so make sure you download it if you have never played! Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition and Whoa Dave! are the two games coming to the PS Vita. What games are you most excited for this month?!
I am most excited about The Swapped after seeing that post, but I only have a PS3 so I guess those are the ones for me to try!
I keep the ps3 for the ps plus games still, they are just too good to pass up! I think the Vita games are a little lack luster this month, but that's understandable, they have been great other months
Nice! Any thoughts on the PS3 and PS Vita games?
Awesome write up! First Light is a great game on it's own, I almost can't believe it's a stand alone dlc (who does that anymore?!). The Swapper is an awesome game as well, I'll make a card about it real quick.
I haven't yet, but I think you've probably sold me on it haha! It seems awesome.
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