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Healthy Autumn Squash and Cheese Recipe for Kids!
Here is the recipe which I'm sure your kids will enjoy! :D Serving for 2: Autumn squash (Pumpkin) - 360g Pizza cheese - 100g Sliced cheese - 1 piece Parsley powder - a little 1. Slice the squash into thick strips and clean skin with a knife 2. Dice the squash into cubes 3. Divide the squash cubes into two portions 4. Mix the pizza cheese with the first portion before adding the remaining squash cubes in the second portion on top of the first portion 5. Add the sliced cheese on top of the mixture 6. Place the mixture in the the oven of 200 deg celsius for 15 to 17 mins and you are ready to eat http://board.miznet.daum.net/gaia/do/cook/recipe/mizr/read?bbsId=MC001&articleId=41255
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i'm not a kid but i think i will enjoy it too lol
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