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Letha Wilson's artwork uses photographs of the natural world, such as landscapes. She uses this as a starting point of interpretation, construction, and confrontation. Her photographic work utilizes not only photography, but collage, sculpture, and installation - it sits on a line between abstraction and representation, landscape and architecture. Her goal is for her photographs is to question the ability of a photograph to transport a viewer. She uses collage and sculpture as a way to break this transport, making the photograph fail to encompass the physical site it represents.
Truly some beautiful and transformative photographs here. I love how she works in the space of the gallery in some of these works. Brilliant!
I'm wondering what the material is she used on the back of the image in #3 to make it look almost like a tent or canvas tent? Really, really interesting. Landscapes are beautiful, but are they really what we see when we are out in nature?
I love the contrast of lifeless winter whites and the strips of lush spring greens in #6.